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RTI DiscChek™ ECO Disc Repair Machines

Your Official Provider for ECO Disc Repair Machines, Supplies, Parts and Service in the US and Canada.
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DiscChek ECO Master™
Fully Automatic Optical Disc Repair System
  • Easy and fast!
  • Holds up to 50 discs in one batch...
  • Wet process even removes deep scratches quickly
  • Exclusive flat polishing technology
  • DVDs safely rejuvenated
  • Improve disc quality, increase profits!  More »
DiscChek ECO Disc Repair Systems
Fully Automatic Optical Disc Repair System
  • Voted Best Choice by a leading trade publication.
  • Restore all disc types:CDs, DVDs, Game Discs. Blu-Ray
  • Now! Blu-Ray repair built into every RTI Disc Repair Machine!
  • Neat, clean, simple to use. No hand finishing!
  • Full range of models to suit your budget and needs.  More »


The Newest Technology in Outreach Kiosks Can Help Attract More Patrons to Your Library!


Lending Library
Book and Media Dispensing Kiosk
  • Books, DVDs, audio books...
  • Built for high-traffic areas
  • Malls, grocery stores, train stations...
  • Up to 500 items
  • 24-hour access to library materials  More »
Library Media Box
Disc Dispensing Kiosk

  • Holds up to 3,000 discs or audio books
  • User-friendly touch screen
  • Checkout or return without staff help
  • Inventory online via library's website  More »


≡ Lipsner-Smith Film and Web Cleaning Systems

World Standard Ultrasonic and Non-Immersion Motion Picture Film Cleaning Systems  More »


Lipsner-Smith XL1100
Non-Immersion Film Cleaning System

• Now back in production
• Use where solvent-based film cleaning not required  More »


Lipsner-Smith Model 9220-PLC
Ultrasonic Film Cleaner

• Incorporates many new design features that you have requested.  More »

≡ RTI Film Scanners and Recorders - Designed by Imagica

Digital Intermediate (DI) Scanners & Recorders for Post-Production, Film Archiving and Restoration  More »

RTI has acquired the Film Scanning and Film Recording Equipment business from IMAGICA Technologies Corp. of Japan.


Imager XE...
• Complete jobs faster
• Clean exposures across film stocks
• Consistent, even exposures
• High MTF performance
• Perfect geometry frame after frame  More »


Imager HSR...
• True-color 4K scanner
• Full density range of color negative
• Supports 35mm and 16mm
• Flexible output formats
• Safely, cleanly handle 2000 ft rolls at 100 ft/min
• Transfer to externa disk over Gigabit Ethernet  More »

≡ CIR Archive Film Scanners, Inspection and Viewing Tables

Digital and Analog Inspection Tools for Managing Archival Film in Most Formats  More »

Newest Cine 10B D-Archiver and D-Observer

The Bridge Connecting Analog and Digital for Film Restoration
• All-in-one solution for film archival projects.
• Scanning with variable Resolutions to 2K.  More »

≡ BHP Film Printers

Designed to Maximize Print Quality, Negative Safety and Production Efficiencies  More »  

New BHP 7700 Film Printer...
• Faster, more reliable film drying.
• New wet picture head eliminates bubbles.
• New film path reduces acute angles.
• Printernet III now standard.
• Reduced maintenance costs.  More »