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The UTAH-100/UDS 4K Routers bring a cost-eff ective signal management solution to the growing world of ultra-high defi nition television. These routers, available in 32x32, 64x64, and 144x144 matrix sizes take advantage of new component technology that supports the 6Gbps data rate of the single-link 4K signals.
This modular system is based on I/O modules with 16 ports, interconnected by a crosspoint fabric that allows any input signal to feed any number of output ports. For mixed-signal applications, the 4K routers can also be fi tted with the 3G cards from the UTAH-100/UDS family, providing a full range of connectivity options including coax, fi ber, IP-video and DVI/HDMI interfaces.
The UDS routers are controlled and monitored through a built-in web interface that allows the system to be operated from a web browser for local or remote control.

Utah Scientific… is a company with a vision and a purpose. Since our founding in 1977, we’ve been providing better solutions in routing and master control for applications of every size and complexity. We are still privately owned; our longevity, history of technical innovation, and long-standing “customer first” philosophy is unique. Our focus is signal distribution and control for organizations ranging from major international broad-cast networks and TV stations to business, industry and government facilities. We know that a laser-like focus in a core competency means a better understanding of how we can meet customer needs. We’re obsessive about providing products that are designed better, work better, are easier to use, and more reliable. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Total cost of ownership… is especially important in making a buying decision. Consider this: when you purchase a Utah Scientific product, you also receive a ten-year, no fee warranty with no annual service contract charges and no charge, round-the-clock phone support. Depending on the configuration, savings of up to $100K are possible considering the cost of extended warranties and support contracts over the life of the system. It’s easy to see that Utah Scientific offers a
significantly lower total cost of ownership. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Quality is the key… to providing customers with a better ownership experience from start to finish. Before shipping, we configure and test every system as a system - including the full matrix, software, and all panels - so when it arrives all parameters are set up the way you requested. We make installation much simpler by supplying “Quick Start” guides and special Web-based video configuration tutorials, too. And we are always only a phone call away. It’s what makes us a better choice.

We support our products… old as well as new. Some companies cease ongoing support for a product in as little as three years. We still support and service our first and second generation products. Our newest control systems still work with our older systems. Why do we do that? Because we care about keeping a customer, not just making one. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Response times… suffer in a world where everything from engineering to customer service is either outsourced or employs a multi-tiered response system. We have a better way: one-step personal involvement. Whatever the question, you will always talk to the person you need. Recognized universally for exceptional service and support, Utah Scientific is a recent winner of the Frost and Sullivan Award for Customer Service Leadership. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Utah Scientific routers… come in self-contained frame sizes from 32 x 32 up to 1056 x 1056. The best built and most reliable in the industry, every frame has front-mounted, hot swappable I/O, crosspoint cards, and power supplies. Our routers use 25% less power than many competing systems. And, our systems are 3 Gb/s bandwidth-rated from the input to the full-size BNCs we use for ease of installation. We care about the details. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Master control solutions… enable a user to select from a variety of control panels and processing electronics. Multi-channel local or centralized HD/SD operation can be live, fully automated, or automation assisted, and we provide powerful branding and EAS messaging solutions. From single, small, local channels to large, multi-channelhybrid systems, no one offers more master control solutions or options than we do. It’s what makes us a better choice.

Our control system… uses an embedded operating system for real-time operation and eliminates the boot time associated with PC based designs. With redundant control cards and power supplies, it makes ours the most robust, stable, and reliable
system available. We provide the easiest-touse software set up, configuration, and router management programs, and we have the widest selection of hardware and software control panels available, giving every user unmatched operational flexibility.
It’s what makes us a better choice.

Quick facts you should know about Utah Scientific products :
Contact us for detailed information and specifications.

Real-time matrix control system with hard and soft panels:

● Redundant control system hardware design uses an embedded operating system for real-time operation, eliminating boot-up
    and redundancy issues associated with PC based systems
● Includes network-based U-CON router configuration and R-Man system management applications for operation on any
    network-enabled PC
● Matrix to control panel interconnect is via high speed Utah Scientific U-Net LAN, TCP/IP Ethernet LAN or serial
● Ethernet and serial automation interfaces included
● Third party control option enables integration of routers from other manufacturers
● Sophisticated path finding management system
● High speed MX bus enables switching up to 128 outputs in 1 vertical interval
● Party line control ports enable interface with legacy Utah Scientific panels
● Wide range of control solutions including panels with re-legendable buttons, soft LCD buttons and 8-character
● PC and Java-based software panel application enables replicas of hardware panels or creation of free-form panels
    via network
● Easy-to-use U-CON application automatically programs single panel at a time without interrupting operation of other
    control panels
● HD/SD master control systems:
● Full size panels control up to 10 HD and SD channels in any combination - with easy-to-use discrete control for
    all major functions including audio, source selection, breakaway, machine control, transitions, keyers, automation
    controls, channel  selection, and audio metering
● Smaller 1RU or 2RU panels provide full control and status or control override for highly automated systems
● Soft MC panels are available that mimic full hardware panel operation from any authorized networked PC
● Control any processor from any MC hardware panel, soft panel, or automation program
● Master control sources may be independent or router selectable
● Dual channel switchable HD/SD electronics in a 3RU package with redundant power supply
● Up to 4 keyers, switchable between external, internal and logo sources
● Discrete, embedded, or mixed audio processing
● Internal audio and video clip store for opens, bumpers, snipes, and animations
● Optional dual channel squeezeback effects
● MC processor board solutions mount in empty routing switcher slots and include, dual keyers, embedded audio processing,
   on board audio clip store, external audio input
● Branding options available on all MC systems
● Internal EAS capability with audio and text crawl