On behalf of all of the Namsung's staff, I wish to extend my sincere appreciation to all of you visiting our web-site for your continued attentions and supports to our sales business activities.
We started our sales & services business early in 1970 and have expanded our activities from aviation products thru to film & digital video products as outlined below :




Since 1970  :

Active in geneal aviation products (aircrafts, aircraft engines & parts, avionics, and aircraft refuelers etc.)

Since 1976  :

Active in motion picture film equipments (film processors, printers, scanners, recorders, and other film handling products) and TV/Radio broadcasting systems.

Since 1978  :

Active in Allison gas-turbine engines & parts for helicopters and engine overhaul facilities.


Since March 1989, Sehun joined with Namsung under introduction of Mr. InHeng Ree ( Founder).

Since 1992  :

Very active in high-tech digital video image processing & recording systems (video disk recorders, converters, live slow motion sports editing & recorders, and virtual reality studio equipments etc.)

Since 1994  :

Very active in computer-graphics and digital cel animation systems (Liberty, Animo and Jaleo softwares etc.)

Since 2002  :

Firstly introducing instant playback LSM technology in Korea  for Digital Sports Broadcast with Tapeless File based Production total Solution  under Media Asset Management with SAN Solution and Multi-channel server, VTR replacement.
Active in Advanced Multi-camera Ingests and Channel Brandings with requied Software Development.

In 2014, Our team also contributed to install, set-up and commissioning the most of major parts of IBC such as  Ingest, venue recording and Archive with EVS XT3, IPDirector and SAN equipment successfully at Incheon Asian Games 2014.​

We are well equipped with various demonstration equipment including UHD/4K servers and have qualified sales & product support teams who are always ready to respond on time to our customers' calls.

Sincerely yours,

Sehun Yang
President & CEO

September 10, 2002


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