Name of company

 Namsung Traders Co., Ltd.

Mailing address

 Central P.O. Box 395, Seoul, 100-603, Korea

Street address

 (609) 6Flr., Woolim e-BIZ Center 2, 12, Digital-ro 33-gil, Guro-gu, Seoul,
 152-769  Korea

Office phone numbers

 (822) 890-7900~7

Tele-faximile number

 (822) 890-7933

Website address

E-mail address(common)

Personal mobile phone & E-mail address for management personnel:

Sehun Yang

 (82-10) 5267-3484 &

Date established

 1 June 1970 (as Namsung Traders Company)

Date re-organized

 1 June 1986 (as Namsung Traders Co., Ltd.)

Type of Business

 Import distributors and commission agents for sales & services

 Software Development for Integration of DTV Solution etc.


 500,000,000 (Korean Wons)

Number of employees

 9-persons (7-male and 2-female)

Major Demo System List

 1. EVS HD/SD 6 Channels XT[2] Live Slow Motion System (2-Systems)
     EVS [IP]Director System (2-Systems), CleanEdit (1-System)
     EVS XStore (1-System), XFile (1-System)
     EVS HD 4 Channels Live Slow Motion System (1-System) 

     EVS SD 6 Channels Live Slow Motion System (1-System) 
     EVS Air-Box On-Air Play-Out Server System (1-System)
     EVS Multi Channel MPEG-2 Play-Out Server, I-BOX Decoder etc.
 2. Miranda Kaleido-X Multi channel Monitoring System (1-System)
Kaleido-K2 Multi-Monitoring System (1-System)
Kaleido-Alto-HD Multi-Monitoring System (1-System)
     Miranda PresStation - Master Switcher (1-System)
     Miranda Imagestore HDTV - HD Channel Branding (1-System)
     Miranda Imagestore 2 - SD Channel Branding (1-System) 
Symphonie, Densite, Quartet, Quartet2, Solo, A/D & D/A
HD/SD XVP-811i etc. Modules
EditShare Storage System

Legal registrations

 - KOIMA (Korea Importers Association)
 - KITA (Korea International Trade Association)
 - PPS (Public Procurement Service, R.O.K.)